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Mharrison about 20 hours ago

Chocolate Lava Cake

This is just one of my fav...everything on the menu is amazing, extremely well prepared...

Winemafia 4 days ago

Fried Brussels Sprouts

Ally was right, Fried Brussel Spouts were amazing. A week later, the dish is fresh on my mind. The Brussel Sprouts were perfectly tender and accomplished by fresh parmesan slices and Bacon. It was a first for me with bacon. This dish took Fried Brussel Sprouts to a whole new level.

Mchenault 9 days ago

Chocolate Lava Cake

What an amazing dessert and great way to end a visit to my favorite winery! Its the best lava cake filled with hot chocolate lava...yum!

Veronicakwolf 17 days ago

16 oz Boneless Hand Cut Ribeye

My husband and I made it a date night by the gorgeous fireplace on the patio, and decided to share the giant ribeye. I'm still thinking about it, so delicious! Always a special time dining at RCW!

Ipriporina 20 days ago

Modjestka Peak | Pinot Noir

So smooth, flavorful and tasty. I'm not one to describe wines, especially ones who left a fonder memory of the good time I had last night but suffice it to say, you will not go wrong with this Pinot Noir.

Lmh33 29 days ago

Fried Brussels Sprouts

I could eat these EVERY DAY! OMG! They were perfect - crispy, smoky, salty, parmesany! The PERFECT combination. Best I've ever had.

Theresaannepayne about 1 month ago

Ahi Poke Stack

Awesome service and wine! Ahi Poke stack appetizer was delicious!

Wendy about 1 month ago

Steak Salad

The steak is cooked perfectly. This is my favorite salad at RCW

Gillett about 1 month ago

Gorgonzola Apple Flatbread

The combination of flavors in this flatbread is INSANE. I order it every single time I come. It's so light & fresh but completely satisfies a "pizza craving"

Mrs about 2 months ago

Ahi Poke Stack

Fresh poke on diced mango - PERFECTION. Was perfectly balanced in flavors and chop sizes, and was much more filling than I thought it would be. Would definitely order again.

Lauren about 2 months ago

Fall Charred Salad

The Fall Charred Salad and Lamb Meatballs are my FAVORITE dishes. My friend had the Wedge Salad which I had a few bites of as well and it was delicious. Every time I stop in I order a new wine and new dish and it never disappoints. The staff is great too which is another reason I frequent this spot!

Dnbglynn about 2 months ago

Strawberry Bruschetta

I'm totally guilty of craving the strawberry bruschetta and a glass of the Sangiovese practically everyday! And my husband is happy to oblige and get his own fried Brussels sprouts (though somehow I always get him to share a bite or two or three!) and beer flight. A sunny afternoon on the Rancho Capistrano Winery patio is the perfect start to my Friday evening!

Mclark about 2 months ago

Burrata Caprese

Absolutely amazing! The service is over the top and take their time to explain all the different types of wine. LOVE Aly

Lisa about 2 months ago

Burrata Caprese

So fresh ! Big enough to share and extra delicious.

Jamie 2 months ago

Gorgonzola Apple Flatbread

OMG this is the best flatbread I have ever eaten! The mixture of the cheese and apples is so tasty. It is definitely one of my go to items!

Hardycrew 2 months ago


There is something so special about home made hummus! I absolutely love the simplicity of this. Nothing compares.

Rory 3 months ago

Chicken Pesto Pasta

Love this meal!! Perfect combination!The sun dried tomatoes with the artichoke is a perfect combination!!

Livjacobs23 3 months ago

Surf and Turf

I've had this dish with the shrimp and the scallops and they are both amazing! This is always my husband and my go to meal. The steak is always cooked to perfection. The shrimp is my favorite with this meal. Always cooked well, and super flavorful! We look forward to this meal every time we come (which is about once a week). We always grab a bottle of the Los Rios (our favorite wine there) and enjoy!

Jesscroldan 3 months ago

Fried Brussels Sprouts

There is something about this place that always feels like family and if I had to put a taste to this feeling, it would be Chef Adrian's brussel sprouts. Ya'll. I come to this restaurant a lot. I mean an embarrassing amount. What drew us in was the wine. What brought us back was the food. And what keeps us going are the staff and how they are basically family to us and they have been from the start. And every single time we come here we get "the sprouts". It's just part of the RCW experience. Brussel sprouts are a hard sell to most adults, let alone kids, and I haven't found a single person who doesn't think these are the best they've ever had!

Bri 3 months ago

Burrata Caprese

Nothing better than burrata and balsamic on a bed of arugula!

Jennifer 4 days ago

Strawberry Bruschetta

I haven't been to Rancho Capistrano in a while, but I haven't forgotten about the Strawberry Brushetta! I remember every dish I have had here has been amazing, but this Bruschetta stuck in my mind! The perfect starter to any meal!

Workoutwithkathleen 4 days ago

Pan seared Salmon

The ambience, and service was top notch. My pan seared salmon was delicious and perfectly prepared, paired by the waiter's suggestion of Monarch chardonnay. We enjoyed a wonderful relaxing evening. A new favorite!

Jackie 15 days ago

Fried Brussels Sprouts

This is one of my favorite menu items. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu, it's all delicious! The Brussels sprouts are crunchy and have an amazing balsamic drizzle that makes me want to lick the bowl.

Barefeetatthebeach 19 days ago

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

The barbecue chicken flatbread is melt-in-your-mouth delicious! It has the perfect amount of tangy barbecue sauce, delicious chicken, and over the top melty cheese. Everything else on the menu looks delicious but we continue ordering the same thing over and over because it's amazing… especially with a glass of Remington 🍷

Media 27 days ago

Ahi Poke Salad

Let me begin by saying that before you get to the entrance you are already filled with excitement and anticipation. Rancho Capo Winery captures upscale and relaxed in their fantastic food selection, irresistible wines and tasteful choices in live entertainment. This is a must visit for San Juan Capistrano.

Kelliahawk 30 days ago

Chef's Special

Recently, I went to this restaurant for the first time and had a delicious chicken dish stuffed with mushrooms on top of a bed of carrots, broccolini, and mushroom risotto. It was so delicious! I would definitely recommend that dish

Danielleevonne13 about 1 month ago

Strawberry Bruschetta

Wonderful atmosphere, wonderful wine, delicious appetizers. Enjoyed the happy hour thoroughly on my Birthday. Great way to meet new people in the area.

Sidnievictoria21 about 1 month ago

Rancho Chicken Caesar

This is not your typical Caesar salad! It's one of the classics with a twist! The sun dried tomatoes then cilantro dressing is the genius idea that keeps me coming back for more. I get this hands down every time I go there for dinner. It's a great dish for a picky eater (like myself) to try new things!

Brettafoskett about 1 month ago

Amorette | Rosé of Pinot Gris

We love this spot. A cute little patio, a nice glass of wine, and a delicious BBQ chicken pizza is what my dreams are made of! Luckily for me I can get all three at the winery! Oh and the perfectly crispy pesto cilantro fries...yes please!

Carrie about 2 months ago

Strawberry Bruschetta

Holy Heavens was the strawberry bruschetta delicious!! We are returning on Wednesday for my Dad's birthday and can't wait to eat this deliciousness!!

Michelle about 2 months ago

Grilled Cheese

Every dish I have had - I have LOVED! I love the ambiance, the wine, the music, the fire at night, the service, the different niches and dining's all fantastic at RCW! My fave is your tomato soup and grilled cheese combo followed by that bomb cheese board - YUM!

Leiani31 about 2 months ago

Remington | Tempranillo

It's delicious! Paired it with a pizza and salad as lunch for 2. Great wine, great food, great patio seating.

Inokon3 about 2 months ago

Mushroom Truffle Flatbread

I really enjoyed my visit, from the beautiful and romantic atmosphere, excellent service, impeccable wine and delicious flatbread. I am allergic to mushrooms and the flatbread was still delicious! The chef was kind enough to accommodate. Such a great place to enjoy your time. I'm thinking about joining the wine club!

Wendi about 2 months ago

Fried Brussels Sprouts

So delicious! One of my favorite plates here at this great eatery. Cant beat a summer evening with a little music, a little wine, and fantastic food!

Paulaw283 2 months ago

Minnesota Pork Chop

Perfectly cooked and juicy, this giant is seriously satisfying with roasted vegetables and potatoes better than your mom's.

Barbll 2 months ago

Amorette | Rosé of Pinot Gris

I had the pleasure of trying your Amorette Rosé last night. It was a delightful balance of fruit and acidity. This wine is complex on palette but light enough to go with many appetizers, entree's or desserts. I highly recommend this wine

Rory 3 months ago

Fried Brussels Sprouts

Brussesl sprouts are one of my absolute favorites at this here! Along with the strawberry bruschetta are perfect starters! Just thinking about it my mouth is watering!

Brianalasslett 3 months ago

Zucchini Cannelloni

We love Rancho Capistrano more than we can even express! We are members here because of the amazing food, wine, people, and atmosphere! Adrian is truly talented in his cooking and flavors! The zucchini cannelloni, chicken rollatini, salmon, Brussels, and burrata caprese are some of our favorites! Brunch is also so fun and amazing! They also have so many amazing choices for wine to fit anyone's palette! We have become so close with a lot of the servers as well, it feels like visiting family when we go. We can't say enough amazing things about them! ❤️

Coleen 3 months ago

Chef's Cod Tacos

These tacos are such a treat! Lightly breaded cod, avocado, and cabbage, all drizzled with the most amazing sauce that has just the right kick. Yum!

Caileyh 3 months ago

Mushroom Truffle Flatbread

We love, love, love Rancho Capistrano Winery!! Everything on the menu (brunch, lunch, and dinner!) is delicious, the wine is fantastic, and the ambience and service can't be beat. We love live music on the patio! My favorites are the mushroom truffle flatbread and chicken rollatini - the flatbread is so savory and creamy and perfect, and the rollatini is moist and delicious! You can't go wrong with anything on the menu at RCW.


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